Twins Zygosity Test

Is there a way to find out if your twins are identical or not? Yes, there is: our DNA test will tell you the type of zygosity of your twins.

The Standard Twins Test evaluates if the twins have the same DNA profile (identical twins or monozygotic), or if they have different DNA profiles (being, therefore, non-identical twins). You only need to submit a DNA sample of each twin for this analysis.

Semi-Identical twins are a special case of non-identical twins. The Semi-Identical Twins Test evaluates if this is the type of zygosity the twins have. Of course, if the twins were identical, this test would also be able to detect it. For this analysis you need to submit a DNA sample of the twins and of both parents. You can also upgrade to this test is the standard one determines that the twins are non-identical.

These tests can also be used to determine the zygosity between triplets, quadruplets, etc. The tests will evaluate if all siblings are identical, non-identical, or if some of them are identical and others are non-identical.

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Semi-Identical Twins Test
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Take a zygosity test in 4 simple steps:
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  2. Receive your sample collection kit and collect the samples. Easy and detailed instructions on how to collect the DNA samples are included with the paperwork.
  3. Send to us the DNA samples, paperwork and remaining payment (if any).
  4. Receive your test results in 7-10 working days.
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Order the DNA Art images of the twins with your test. You can choose the same colour for both twins, or a different one for each of them. Add the DNA Art to your online order or when you send the samples back to us.

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Request the paperwork by email and follow the instructions to collect the samples with cotton buds. Request the paperwork here.


Identical twins are the result of one egg and one sperm. Therefore, they inherit the exact same genetic material from both the father and the mother. This is the reason why identical twins, also called monozygotic, have the same DNA profile.

The making of identical twins:

  • One sperm fertilises an egg.
  • The cells inside the egg divide and multiply. Each one of these cells contains an exact same copy of the DNA that makes up an individual.
  • The embryo splits. Each new embryo still contains the same genetic material.
  • Both embryos develop resulting in two identical twins.



Non-Identical twins are those who present different DNA profiles. The most common case of non-identical twins is that of dizygotic twins, who are the result of two eggs and two sperms. Therefore, each twin inherits different genetic material from both the mother and the father and, in consequence, they have different DNA profiles. Dizygotic twins are like any other two siblings, except they come from the same gestation. It is even possible that non-identical twins have different biological fathers, as the fertilisation does not have to happen at the same time for both twins.

The making of dizygotic twins:

  • Two separate eggs are created, each with their own genetic identity. These two eggs are each fertilised by a different sperm.
  • Developing together in the womb, the fraternal twins will be born at the same time. However, each will have different genetic material.



Semi-Identical twins are a special type of non-identical twins, as they present different DNA profiles. Normally, semi-identical twins are the result of one egg being fertilised by two sperms. Then this egg splits, resulting in two embryos, each of them having inherited the same genetic material from their mother, but different material from the father. In order to determine if the twins are semi-identical, the sames of both parents are required.

The making of semi-identical twins:

  • One egg is fertilised by two different sperms.
  • The embryo is unable to develop with that additional genetic material.
  • In consequence, the embryo splits to be able to develop.
  • Each semi-identical twin has the same genetic material from their mother, but different genetic material from the father.
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Semi-Identical Twins Test
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