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Identification Data
In compliance with the duty of information contained in article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, DNA Solutions S.L., as owner of the website www.dnasolutions.es, communicates the following identifying data:
Name: DNA Solutions S.L.
Address: Calle de José Ortega y Gasset, 22-24, 5th Floor, 28006 Madrid, Spain.
C.I.F./VAT: B91243683.
Registry Details: Sevilla, Tomo 3.582, Folio 192, Hoja SE-50.493.
Contact email: adn@dnasolutions.es.
The present information forms and regulates the conditions of use, limitations of liability and obligations that users of the website published under the domain name www.dnasolutions.es assume and undertake to respect.

Terms of Use
The use and browsing of this website gives any individual (whether a physical person or a legal entity) the status of user, and necessarily implies full and unreserved acceptance of the conditions set out in this Legal Notice. The user must refrain from using this website if he does not accept the conditions established in this document.
The conditions and information contained in this legal notice are subject to updates and modifications, so the published version may have changed since the last time the user visited the website. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the user to read this legal notice each time he accesses this website.
DNA Solutions S.L. excludes all responsibility for the decisions that the user can make based on the information published on this website, either due to an erroneous interpretation of its contents by the user, typographical, orthographic or translation errors, or non-updated content. DNA Solutions S.L. informs you that the contents and services of this website are subject to possible periodic changes, without prior notice, by extension, improvement, correction or update.
Through this website, DNA Solutions S.L. facilitates the access and use of diverse contents published through the Internet, as well as the contracting of the analysis services offered by DNA Solutions S.L.
The user is obliged and agrees to use the website and its contents and services in accordance with current legislation, with this legal notice, and with any other notice or instructions brought to their knowledge, as well as generally accepted rules of coexistence. To this end, the user agrees and undertakes not to use any of the contents and/or services for illegal purposes, prohibited in the legal notice or by current legislation, prejudicial to the rights and interests of third parties, or which may in any way damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of content, computer equipment (hardware and software) or files and all kinds of content stored on any computer equipment owned or contracted by DNA Solutions S.L. or any user.
The material contained on this website is the property of DNA Solutions S.L. and is, therefore, subject to copyright. Therefore, the user is not allowed to:
- Reproduce, copy, modify, transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties any kind of material contained on this website in text, sound and/or image format, or any other material to which the user would have access to, without this enumeration having a limiting nature, unless the user has a written and explicit authorization by DNA Solutions S.L.
- Delete, manipulate or use in any way the fingerprints and/or digital identifiers contained in this website.
- Obtain, or attempt to obtain, content by using procedures different from those that, depending to each particual case, have been made available for this purpose, or, in general, from those that are routinely used on the Internet in a lawful manner and that do not involve risk of damage or disability of the website and/or its contents.

Intellectual Property
All trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs of any kind that appear on the website are the property of DNA Solutions S.L. or, where appropriate, of third parties that have authorized its use, and their use or access on the website shall not be understood as a permission or right given to the user over said trademarks, trade names and/or distinctive signs, and none of the exploitation rights which exist or which may exist over such contents shall be deemed to have been assigned to the user. Likewise, the contents are the intellectual property of DNA Solutions S.L. or of third parties where appropriate, therefore, the intellectual property rights of said contents are the property of DNA Solutions S.L., or of third parties that have authorized its use, who has the exclusive rights of exploitation in any manner and, in particular, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation. The unauthorized use of the information contained in this website, as well as the infringement of the intellectual or industrial property rights of DNA Solutions S.L. or of the third parties who have authorised the use of their content, will result in liabilities set forth in the law.

Hyperlinks to www.dnasolutions.es/en
Those persons who intend to establish hyperlinks between their website and any page owned by DNA Solutions S.L., without the express authorization of DNA Solutions S.L., shall observe and comply with the following conditions:
- Prior authorization will not be necessary when the hyperlink only allows access to the home page, but it cannot be reproduced it in any way. Any other form of hyperlink will require the express and unequivocal authorization in writing by DNA Solutions S.L.
- Frames will not be created with the web pages, nor on the web pages, of DNA Solutions S.L.
- There will be no false, inaccurate or offensive statements or indications about DNA Solutions S.L., its directors, its employees or collaborators, or the contents provided.
- It is not permitted to declare or give to understand that DNA Solutions S.L. has authorized the hyperlink or has supervised or validated in any way the contents offered or made available on the web page where the hyperlink is established.
- The web page in which the hyperlink is established may only contain what is strictly necessary to identify the destination of the hyperlink.
-The web page on which the hyperlink is established will not contain illicit information or contents, or that promote illicit behavior.

Availability of the Page
DNA Solutions S.L. cannot guarantee the absence of interruptions, quality errors or errors in accessing the website and/or its contents, nor that these are updated, although DNA Solutions S.L. will endeavor to, in each case, avoid, correct or update them. Therefore, and with the exceptions contemplated in the current legislation, DNA Solutions S.L. rejects any responsibility for damages and/or losses of any nature suffered by the user due to the aforementioned incidents or others, and that do not meet the expectation of usability that the user could have attributed to the website or that cause the cancellation, suspension or cease functioning and, consequently, of the provision of the service for which it is foreseen.
The function of the hyperlinks that appear on this website is exclusively to inform the user about the existence of other web pages that may contain relevant information about services related to those offered by DNA Solutions S.L. These hyperlinks are not suggestions or recommendations. Except in the case where a hyperlink redirects to a website owned by DNA Solutions S.L., the content of a linked website is the responsibility of third parties and may be modified without prior notice to DNA Solutions S.L.; therefore, DNA Solutions S.L. is not responsible for the contents of these web pages, the operation or usefulness of the hyperlinks or the result of their use, nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in them that may produce alterations in the computer system (hardware and software) or to the files stored by the user. DNA Solutions S.L. rejects any responsibility for damages and/or losses of any kind suffered by the user due to the use of hyperlinks.
The user's access to the website does not imply an obligation on the part of DNA Solutions S.L. to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful computer element and introduced by third parties. It is up to the user, in any case, to have adequate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs. Therefore, DNA Solutions S.L. is not responsible for possible security errors that may occur for this reason during the provision of the website service, or any damage that may be caused to the computer system of the user or third parties (hardware and software) or to the files stored therein as a result of the introduction of these harmful elements during or after the connection to the services and contents of the website, or a malfunction of the browser or the use of non-updated versions of the browser.

Availability of Contents and Services
The availability of this website and its contents, as well as the provision of the services they offer, have, in principle, an indefinite duration. However, DNA Solutions S.L. may suspend or cancel the website, any of its contents and/or services at any time. When reasonably possible, DNA Solutions S.L. will warn prior to the termination or suspension of the mentioned elements.

Personal Data Protection
DNA Solutions S.L. is aware of the importance of the privacy of personal data and, therefore, has implemented a policy of data processing aimed at providing maximum security in the use and collection of data, ensuring compliance with current regulations in the matter.
The information regarding the Privacy Policy, as well as the Cookie Policy, can be found here.

For any questions arising on the interpretation, application and compliance with this Legal Notice, as well as the claims that may arise from its use, all parties involved submit to the Judges and Tribunals of Seville (Spain), expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them. The legislation applicable to this legal notice is the Spanish Law. Copyright © 2018 - DNA Solutions S.L.
All copyrights are reserved by international intellectual property laws and treaties. It is expressly forbidden to copy, reproduce or disseminate it, in whole or in part, by any means.

How To Contract Services From DNASolutions S.L.
To contract the services of DNA Solutions S.L. through its website, the steps to take are as follows:
1. Choose the desired type of service to contract.
2. Choose the type of contacting method: payment of the full amount of the service in advance or payment of a deposit on the price of the service (the rest of the amount would be paid when sending the DNA samples for analysis). In the case of gift vouchers, the contracting method refers to the amount of the gift voucher, which is the choice of the contractor of the service.
3. Fill out the purchase form by selecting the additional options that may apply and providing the requested information. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the data provided is correct.
4. Select a payment method and provide the data that is requested for each case.
5. Confirm the order, accepting the purchase conditions and the privacy policy. The buyer will receive an email with the details of their order.
6. Once the order is processed, the customer will receive a confirmation email with their reference number.

-Countries from which the services of DNA Solutions S.L. can be contracted:
The services of DNA Solutions S.L. are mainly oriented to the European market. However, DNA Solutions S.L. can also provide its services to users located in other countries outside Europe, in which case certain limitations and/or additional charges may apply for the delivery of the kit and/or the result. DNA Solutions S.L. will inform the customer before processing its purchase about these limitations and/or additional charges.
In the event that a company collaborating with DNA Solutions S.L. offers their services in the country where the client is located, they could be referred to said collaborating company.

- How to make sure that the order have been placed correctly:
When confirming the order, a new page will load to the web, showing the user that the request has been submitted successfully. Likewise, the client will receive a confirmation email at the email address indicated on the form. Thus, the customer, not only has proof that the purchase form has been submitted correctly, but also has the opportunity to review the details of their order. DNA Solutions S.L. rejects any responsibility in case the user does not receive this confirmation email, since they can always contact DNA Solutions S.L. to confirm that the company has received the order.

- How to modify or cancel an order:
If the client notices that they have placed the order for the wrong service, or if they need to modify or correct any other data (for example, the shipping address), the client may do so by communicating it to DNA Solutions S.L. The customer understands that there are limitations in the modification of an order if the kit or the gift certificate has already been sent, as well as the fact that the modification may imply an additional cost for the customer.
Likewise, the customer can cancel his order at any time by contacting DNA Solutions S.L. The client understands that DNA Solutions S.L. may require a written confirmation of such cancellation, and that the cancellation may not imply a refund in full of the amount paid. Any request for payment reimbursement derived from said cancellation is governed by the terms set out in the Purchase Conditions and in the Terms and Conditions of the Service, which the client can consult on this website.

- Payment methods:
The payment methods accepted by DNA Solutions S.L. will be stated on the purchase form. The details and conditions for each method are also expressed in the purchase form, as well as in the Purchase Conditions.
If there were a problem with the payment method chosen by the customer (for example, that the credit/debit card was rejected), DNA Solutions S.L. will contact the customer.
In any case, once the order is processed and/or the corresponding payment has been received, DNA Solutions S.L. will send a confirmation email to the client informing them of the status of their request.

- Shipment methods of the sampling kit:
The customer must provide a valid shipping address on their purchase form. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the veracity and accuracy of the data provided.
DNA Solutions S.L. offers different methods for sending the kit, which will be available in the purchase form. For the shipping methods that imply an additional cost, this will be expressed in the form and will be added to the total amount corresponding to the customer's order.
It is the customer's obligation to read the information on the different shipping methods, delivery times, tracking options, as well as their limitations. If the customer has any questions about the shipping methods, they can contact DNA Solutions S.L. before finalizing their order. The customer understands that the selected shipping method cannot be modified once the kit has been sent.

- Returns:
Due to the nature of the sampling kit, its return to DNA Solutions S.L. does not imply the refund of the amount paid, since the kit cannot be reused. The conditions of cancellation of the order are included in the Purchase Conditions, as well as in the Service Terms and Conditions (for the conditions applicable to the cancellation of the service).


The Purchase Conditions can be consulted in their entirety here.
The Service Terms and Conditions can be consulted in their entirety here.
The Privacy and Cookie Policies can be consulted in their entirety here.


This text is a translation of the original one in Spanish, which can be found here. Only the Spanish text can be considered as the official one.

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