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Privacy and Data Protection Policy

DNA Solutions S.L. guarantees the strictest privacy and data protection policy as per the principles of the current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in relation to the information obtained from its customers or potential customers, understanding as "customer" anyone requesting a service or product from DNA Solutions S.L., and as "potential customer" anyone who contacts DNA Solutions S.L. in order to make a query without making a previous purchase. Access to and use of this website, including the order of any service, are subject to the terms set forth below.

It is the customer’s or potential customer’s responsibility to read this privacy and data protection policy before any personal data are provided.

The access and or use of this website in any way, as well as the purchase of any service from DNA Solutions S.L. through any other method, imply the acceptance of this policy.

If you have any doubts about any of the points included in this document, do not hesitate to contact us (

Origin of the Data
DNA Solutions S.L. can receive personal data by several means (telephone, chat, email, messaging applications, etc.). Users (data subjects) guarantee and are responsible for the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided, whether they are their own or they belong to third parties. The user providing information from third parties, including minors, is also responsible for obtaining the pertinent authorizations from the data owners or their legal guardians before providing said data to DNA Solutions S.L. DNA Solutions S.L. cannot be held responsible if it processes data of third parties that have been provided without their authorization, as long as the customer has confirmed he/she has that authorization.

Collected Information and Use and Purpose of the Data
When data subjects make a query to or a purchase from DNA Solutions S.L. by any method, they will need to provide certain personal information. This information will be processed by DNA Solutions S.L., which may transfer it to its partners outside the Union.
Any processing activities of the data gathered, included its possible transfer to third countries, are performed as per the terms of the contractual and consented relationship between the customer or potential customer and DNA Solutions S.L. This applies too to special categories of personal data defined in the GDPR.
Excluding the cases provided for in the GDPR (for example, a legal act, public security, etc.), DNA Solutions S.L. does not use the information obtained from its customers or potential customers for advertising purposes, nor does it share or sell said information with third parties, except for the purpose of informing about or carrying out the services for which it has been contacted and/or contracted.
Regarding the information requests from potential customers who are based outside the geographic area covered by DNA Solutions S.L., DNA Solutions S.L. could forward said requests to the most suitable headquarters of the group.
DNA Solutions S.L. has records of processing activities, which can be consulted.

Data of Minors
DNA Solutions S.L. establishes that the services can only be ordered by people of legal age, who will be held responsible for all the information provided, including that concerning minors. However, DNA Solutions S.L. does not verify the age of the users of the website, potential customers or customers, unless any reasonable doubt regarding an abuse arises. Consequently, DNA Solutions S.L. cannot be held responsible if a minor provides personal data (their own or belonging to others) through the website or by any other method. If you are aware that a minor has provided personal information to us, please let us know by email:

Especially Protected Data
DNA Solutions S.L. informs the client that the performance of the service could involve obtaining certain data included in the category labelled as "especially protected data".
With respect to the information on the race or ethnic origin of the participants in a test, DNA Solutions S.L. declares that this information is not required to perform most of the types of tests, and, in those cases, this information is not requested from the client. For paternity tests, the information on the race is optional, being necessary for the preparation of the Paternity Index report; as the client is informed in the paperwork on the test, if they do not wish to provide this information, a different, simpler report will be prepared, for which the information on the race is not necessary. For the kinship test it is necessary for the client to provide information on the race of the donors, since the statistics used to obtain the result vary depending on the race of those tested; it is, therefore, absolutely necessary for the client to provide this information, which will only be used for the purpose of carrying out the contracted service. For ancestry tests, DNA Solutions S.L. requests that the client provides information about the geographical origin (not the race) of the donor; this information is used to provide a more precise result or more relevant information on the client's haplogroup.
On the other hand, for certain analyses, the result may provide data that can be used to obtain information on the physiology or health of the donors. DNA Solutions S.L. does not use the result to establish any specific relation between the genetic information of the donor and their physiology or health.
DNA Solutions S.L. and/or its partners will store special categories of data during the period stated in this document.

International Transfer of Data
DNA Solutions S.L. informs its clients that their data could be transmitted to its main partners (DNA Solutions Pty. Ltd. and DNA Solutions Inc.), who are recipients located in countries outside the European Union and which have not been declared by the European Commission to ensure an adequate level of protection. The aim of this data transfer is the processing and/or storage of the information provided (included special categories of personal data), which is required for the performance of the contract between the customer and DNA Solutions S.L. as it has been established in the Article 49, section 1 b) of the GDPR.
Therefore, the data incorporated into digital files are stored in a secure server located in Australia and managed by DNA Solutions Pty. Ltd. Moreover, the physical data (included, but not limited to, biological samples, paperwork received for the performance of the service, or the information resulting from the analysis) and some digital files are stored too in the facilities of DNA Solutions Inc. in Panama. Only specific authorized personnel of said headquarters has access to the data provided.
DNA Solutions S.L. informs that its main partners comply with the privacy policy established by DNA Solutions S.L. with regards to the data protection of its customers. Moreover, DNA Solutions S.L. accepts liability for any security breach involving the data of its customers while being processed by DNA Solutions Pty. Ltd. or DNA Solutions Inc. (this is without prejudice to any claims for damage deriving from the violation that DNA Solutions S.L. may file).
Occasionally and only when the ordered service cannot be performed by DNA Solutions S.L. nor by any of its main partners, an international transfer to other entity not in the Union may occur. This transfer of data will be restricted by the principles of limitation and minimization. DNA Solutions S.L. guarantees that the information transferred will not be used for any other purpose besides the performance of the service.

Data Security
DNA Solutions S.L. guarantees that it has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures at its disposal, and according to the requirements set by law, in order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and/or theft of personal data provided by customers or potential customers.
The technical measures include the use of passwords, secure connections, the encryption of information and the use of authentication certificates and secure servers. The user must be aware that the measures adopted by DNA Solutions S.L. do not exempt other risks associated with web browsing, data transmission over the internet, the use of Wi-Fi networks or the computer system used for the connection.
Regarding the organizational measures, DNA Solutions S.L. guarantees that access to data provided by customers or potential customers is limited to the personnel necessary to carry out the required services. Said personnel may include employees of the main partners of DNA Solutions S.L., with whom the sharing of information is always done in a secure manner.

Storage Period
The GDPR obliges to the establishment of a limited storage period for the personal data. Hence, registries will be stored in the following manner:
- paper documents: they will be stored for 2 years.
- online database: registries will be deleted after 2 years from the completion of the service.
- emails, online contact forms, online order forms: they will be deleted after 6 months from the last contact by this method.
- WhatsApp and Telegram messages: messages will be deleted after 1 month from the last contact by this method.
- other messaging or chatting applications: messages will be deleted after 6 months from the last contact by this method.
- other documents: the circumstances of the service ordered by the customer could require the generation of other documents (included, but not limited to, explanation letters, warning notices, special reports, complaint records) which will be stored in electronic devices (computers). Those registries will be deleted after 2 years from the completion of the service.
- other elements: unless otherwise required by the performance of the service, the biologic material and the products of the processing of the biologic material will be destroyed after 3 months from the completion of the service.
As an exception, it will be possible to store any registry or other element after the period stated above for legal or security reasons if a claim or complaint regarding the service has been filed. Those registries will be stored for a maximum of 2 years from the last contact of the customer or any other natural person, enterprise or legal representative that intervenes in the claim or complaint.
DNA Solutions S.L. informs its customers that certain data will be stored longer than stated above, only with the purpose of attending legal obligations (for instance, fiscal obligations).

Rights of the User
At any time, the user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, elimination, limitation and opposition to the processing and use of their personal data by sending an email to or a letter to DNA Solutions S.L., Apartado de Correos 800, 41080, Sevilla, Spain. DNA Solutions S.L. reserves the right to request information that allows it to verify the veracity of the identity of the applicant prior to the modification of its records.
DNA Solutions S.L. must also reveal the origin of any data to the person requesting any information under the data protection regulation (once it has been verified that is legitimate), even if the person requesting the information is not a customer of DNA Solutions S.L. This must be carefully considered by those customers who provide information of third parties.
Regarding any request for the deletion of information, DNA Solutions S.L. informs that where there is more than one party or data subject involved in a service that has been ordered, given the particularity of the processing carried out and the unavoidable connection among the data of each party, if one of the parties requests the deletion of their data, all data regarding that service will be deleted. This will be conducted without DNA Solutions S.L. contacting any other party. It is important to bear in mind that the deletion of the data involving one party will therefore provoke the deletion of the data of any other party also involved in that service.
Any claims or complaints that cannot be resolved directly by DNA Solutions S.L. can be filed with the competent authority, which is the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos and that can be contacted on

Changes of the Privacy and Data Protection Policy
DNA Solutions S.L. reserves the right to modify the information described above at any time and without prior notice, always within the framework of the legislation in force.


Cookie Policy

Cookies are files that are downloaded and stored on the user's computer/device when accessing certain web pages. Cookies can have different uses, like remembering the user's session or analyzing their behavior on the website.

DNA Solutions S.L. uses cookies of Google Analytics on its website in order to analyze and measure the use and activity on the website. These cookies do not collect any personal information of the user; the information obtained refers to how the user has reached the website, the number of pages visited and the time spent on each page, the device and browser accessed, the language of the user, the city to which the user's IP is assigned (never the complete IP), and other anonymous data.

By having YouTube videos embedded on the website, there may be cookies set by the platform that can be used by them to track their online activity. DNA Solutions S.L. has no control over the information collected by these cookies.

DNA Solutions S.L. also uses on its website cookies from Chatstack, managed by DNA Solutions Pty. Ltd., in order to be able to provide the online chat service. As stated in the privacy policy, the information collected by this application is periodically deleted, and it is also possible to delete it at any time if the user requests it.

Finally, DNA Solutions S.L. uses a permanent cookie on its website that allows the website to remember that the user has already accepted the cookie policy. This same cookie also exists, owned by DNA Solutions Pty. Ltd., on the purchase forms.

In any case, DNA Solutions S.L. informs the user that there are tools to disable the use of cookies in their browser, as well as to eliminate them at the end of the session. Also, the most common browsers offer additional add-ons to block cookies and other features that can collect user data.

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DNA Solutions S.L. reserves the right to modify the information described above at any time and without prior notice, always within the framework of current legislation. The access, navigation and/or use of this site implies the acceptance of our cookie policy.


This text is a translation of the original one in Spanish, which can be found here. Only the Spanish text can be considered as the official one.

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