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DNA Solutions has been helping for over twenty years people from all around the world to solve their doubts on paternity and biological origins. DNA Solutions was the first company in the world which offered home DNA tests.

Since its foundation in Australia in 1997, DNA Solutions Pty. Ltd. has expanded worldwide, until in 2002 DNA Solutions S.L. was founded in Spain. From this location we take care, not only of Spanish clients, but also of clients from all continental Europe and north of Africa. Hence, DNA Solutions S.L. has become a key location for the company.

At DNA Solutions we are aware that behind each test there is real people who need to know the truth about their genetic origins. In consequence, we will always help you choose the best test procedure for your case, and we will inform you of the pros and cons of each test.

DNA Solutions works with many official institutions and governments all around the world offering our DNA testing services. Our Australian laboratory has been chosen to store a DNA sample from all members of the Australian Army. We have also participated in cases of stolen babies in Spain, and we even uncovered a case of babies that had been interchanged at a hospital in Panama.

Apart from helping thousands of individuals every year with our paternity and kinship DNA tests, we also perform DNA sexing tests for birds, not only for private clients, but also for zoos and animal organizations worldwide. We also take part in research projects in several fields, such as an elephant preservation program in Cambodia.

Why should you choose DNA Solutions?

Honesty: : We will help you choose which analytic procedure is the best option for your case, the most accurate and affordable one. We will not perform unnecessary analyses, nor we accept samples which we know will not provide enough DNA.

Quality: All DNA tests are performed at our own laboratories. Furthermore, DNA Solutions follows strict quality and results verification protocols.

Accuracy: All of our DNA tests have a guaranteed minimum accuracy. DNA Solutions will never produce a result which does not meet our minimum accuracy rates.

Fast Results: Turnaround time for each type of test is stated on the kit documents. However, we are aware of the importance of having the results of a DNA test as soon as possible and we will always try to obtain your results sooner than the stated turnaround time.

Confidentiality: Our kits allow your to take your DNA test from the privacy of your own home. Moreover, we follow strict confidentiality protocols and we will never provide information of your DNA test to third parties without your authorisation.

Customer Service: We are available almost 24 hours a day to help you with any questions at each step of the process. We will help you before and after your DNA test is finished to assist you with any doubts you may have about the analytic procedure, the sample collection or the result of your test.


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